2019|Slovakia, Czech Republic|No language| View Trailer

This unique film by respected director and cinematographer Viera Čákanyová, FREM (2019), captures Antarctica, through a permanent atmosphere of the precarious and the otherworldly. Experimental, poetic, and tangled in theory, FREM is adorned with breathtaking shots of the freezing world and pairs it with an intimate yet grungy soundscape.

Čákanyová’s tagline for FREM is ‘requiem for the vanishing species of Homo sapiens’, and through her use of experimental cinema styles she forces the viewing to confront and reflect upon the current realities we find ourselves in, while also testing the breaking points of anthropocentrism.

Reality and fiction join together in this filmic mystery that poses evocative questions about technology, artificial intelligence and climate change. Especially great on the big-screen, FREM, captures Antarctica as one incredible sci-fi set piece, as it weaves through realms extremely personal, yet globally pertinent. 

FREM was awarded the Czech Film Critics’ Awards-  Audiovisual Achievement Award (2021).

Director:Viera Čákanyová
Screenwriter:Viera Čákanyová
Main Cast: Martin Kovacík,
Producer:HYPERMARKET FILM, Punkchart Films