Gump - pes, který naučil lidi žít
2021|Czech Republic|Czech| View Trailer

Based on the novel of the same name, F. A. Brabec’s film adaptation stays relatively true to the book and presents a feel-good story that highlights the need for friendship, family, and- for many- dogs in our lives.

In Gump we are taken on the adventure of life through the eyes of a dog who, whilst destined to be a stray living off the streets, finds his way into the home and heart of an elderly man struggling in life. Being led by Gump and her various canine companions, the people in the story (a well known cast to many, including the voice of Ivan Trojan as Gump) are led to remember the joys that life affords everyone, young and old, human and dog.


Viewers are advised that this film depicts off-screen abuse of animals which some may find distressing. No animals were harmed in the making of the film.

Director:F.A. Brabec
Screenwriter:Filip Rozek
Main Cast: Bolek Polívka, Eva Holubová, Zdenek Dušek, Ivan Trojan, Karin Babinská, Nela Boudová,