Pacho, The Thief of Hybe
Pacho, The Thief of Hybe
Pacho, hybský zbojník
1976|Czechoslovakia|Slovak| View Trailer

Returning home from travels afar, Pacho out drinks the leader of a group of roadside robbers. Now their captain, Pacho leads the band of merry, if disorganised, thieves to a run amok throughout the countryside; stealing from rich lords whilst seducing their wives seems to be a favourite pastime for the group. Once the Queen of Austria becomes involved however, Pacho’s time may be running out.

This well known comedy by renown Slovak director (and actor, dancer, and choreographer across his career) Martin Ťapák, based on the tales of Slovak national hero Jánošík , King of Thieves, is a comedic jaunt of political satire set to jaunty music. Jozef Kroner was celebrated for his role as Pacho and the supporting cast play up their characters well. This copy comes to us digitally restored from the Slovak Film Archive.

Director:Martin Ťapák
Screenwriter:Peter Jaroš
Main Cast: Jozef Kroner, Dušan Blaškovič, Karol Čálik, Slávka Budínová, Ida Rapaičová,